Eating alot of meat affects your ability of thinking,remembering or making decisions~Study

Recent studies have found that daily consumption of about 25g of processed meat is associated with a 44 percent increased risk of suffering from dementia.

Dementia is the general term used for the impaired ability to remember, think or make decisions in regards to one’s life.

This impairment takes away someone’s memories and personality. It’s like having amnesia.

Meats such as beef, other meat-loaded sandwiches, and everyday breakfast choice sausages could also increase your dementia risk.

According to The Express Lead researcher Huifeng Zhang, in the study which contained in-depth health and genetic information of half a million participants aged between 40-69 years across the UK,  said that the prevalence of dementia was increasing worldwide and diet is being linked as a modifiable factor to be playing a role in this increase.

Zhang added that their research provided evidence linking processed meat consumption to the growing body of the increased risk of a range of non-transmissible diseases. in general.

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