Man invents a stove that uses water amid the rise in price of refilling gas cylinders

NIGERIA:A 67-year-old talented Nigerian man, Hadi Usman, based in Jekadafari area of Gombe State, has reacted to the rising prices of cooking gas in the country by inventing a water-cooking stove.

According to reports, Usman is famous for so many uncommon and remarkable inventions in the past

He is renowned for assembling a radio transmitter and also operating a community radio station.

Regarding his new invention, the 67-year-old man wants the federal government to help him mass-produce his cooking stove that runs on water in a bid to cushion the negative effects the hiking price of cooking gas leaves on Nigerians.

“I wish relevant institutions and bodies can support towards patenting the project for mass production to at least help the without buying kerosene or gas to cook their food by using water,” Hadi said.

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