Meet a lady who has kept her nails for 32yrs without cutting them short,they are 12 inches now

Cordelia Adams,a 59-year-old woman,has kept her nails without cutting them short for for 32yrs which are currently 12 inches long.

The Virginia resident in the US became a TikTok sensation in the middle of the pandemic when she shared a video of her washing the nails.

Speaking on her nails in an interview shared by Hooked on The Look, Cordelia Adams revealed that she drew inspiration to keep them from her mum who had long nails herself.

Though it is 12 inches, the woman had, in the past, kept them at 16 inches.

Apart from the fame her nails have brought her, Cordelia uses them as canvas for artworks. She started growing them in 1989.

Cordelia stated that the attention she in fact gets with having super long nails is something she cherishes.

While vowing never to cut them, the woman said she uses her knuckles when performing daily tasks.

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