Billionaire Grand P With Another Big Lady with Heavy Backside After breakup with his girlfriend

Months after billionaire Grand P and her girlfriend Eudoxie Yao announced that they have separated, the Guinea tycoon, born Moussa Sandiana Kaba, seems to have already moved on.

If a post he posted on his social media pages is anything to go by, then the dwarf billionaire’s love for the heavily endowed ladies is impeccable.

On Sunday, Grand P shared a photo while spanking a pum pum lady’s behind. However the details of the woman remains scanty.

”This is Kamer 🇨🇲 humm extended stay for next month ✌️if you mad 😡 you already know 🍺🍺” said grand P

This also comes weeks after his bae Eudoxie Yao was seen in a steamy pose with a Congolese musician Roga Roga, who allegedly eloped with her.

Grand P could bear the pain, prompting him to sent a stern warning to Roga Roga.

“My brother Roga Roga I have enormous respect for you and all the Congolese people… But the track you want to borrow is not favourable for you, do not have fun getting close to my wife otherwise, I will react very badly it’s a warning thank you,” he posted.

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