Meet a Limuru ‘Makanga’ who dresses in a suit everyday

The man from Limuru, for the past three years, has always donned a maroon suit without fail. And it’s not just any suit, it has to be a three-piece!

When we caught up with him at the bus terminus, he was looking smart and carrying on with his daily routine.

His sense of style has earned him the nickname, Hightower. Women don’t hide their feelings for him. They just love him.

“This attire has worked magic. I don’t struggle to get passengers to board my matatu; they just love being associated with me. Sometimes, when I’m collecting money from the passengers, they get shocked and wonder if I am indeed a makanga.

Most of the passengers are women and sometimes they think I’m an artist or a TV host. They complement me and ask where I get my slim suits. College girls hit on me, but I always maintain professionalism”, he said.

He owns 12 maroon suits, each of which cost him Sh6, 000, which totals to Sh72, 000. Part of his salary goes towards his rent in Limuru town and “I invest in good clothes because I like being in my own world.”

“Many laughed at me, wondering why I was spending so much money on clothes instead of investing elsewhere. I’m the kind of person who feels good when I am dressed up.

I believe your physical appearance determines who you are in life. You know all the conductors are required to have a maroon uniform, so I just upped my game and decided mine will be neat, well ironed and fragrant. That made all the difference in my line of work”, he said.

He revealed that he wanted to change the narrative that makangas are dirty.

“Before joining the matatu industry, I heard stories of how makangas are dirty and this inspired me to bring change. I can afford the suits, so why not?” says Munyua who has been commended by Limuru residents for being neat and honest.

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