‘BRAVE’ Man erects a fence wall across a road which passed through his land

A report by citinewsroom reveals that one contractor has brazenly blocked a road by building a fence around it thereby denying motorists direct access to the RCC at Danyame in Kumasi.

The private developer according to the report said he took the action because public road encroached on his land which is ready to be developed into an estate.

The link road has been in existence for a number of years now until the construction.

The Ashanti Regional Urban Roads Directorate conceded that the road was constructed through the private developer’s land and was done illegally.

Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah modestly agreed that the position of the contactor is right and if they should ‘battle’ him, the government would rather end up paying judgment debt.

“I called the Regional Lands Officer and I’m informed that that place wasn’t a road so the road was constructed illegally. I had no authority on the land and if I decided to stop the developer, it will lead to judgement debt to the government,” the minister said.

Meanwhile, a former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Joseph Yamin, said persons who sold the land and those who gave permit for the construction must be held responsible and questioned.

“The land was sold to an individual and the person decides to build and he blocked the road. It means that he has all the authority to do it and the minister is just sitting there. This is a serious financial loss issue. Whoever sold this land has some questions to answer. The one who gave the authority for the construction also has questions to answer,” he added.

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