Woman who married blood brother cries for help to raise her 3 kids after her ‘husband’ ran away

A Rwandese woman Mukandamage Domitila shocked many after revealing she was married to her blood brother.

Domitila was born in 1978, but a year later, her mum passed away. A few years subsequently, she lost her father, and since she had many siblings, they grew up in different families.

She didn’t even know her brother though relatives would tell her she had a brother.

After many years, Domitila started working as a house help, and one day she met her brother in Kigali, Rwanda, though they didn’t know they were related.

The two siblings fell in love and were blessed with three children. Later, they found out they were related; they shared the same father and mother. That really affected Domitila’s self-esteem, and she would hide in her house to avoid meeting people.

Domitila said people would bully her kids and remind them that they were born out of interbreeding, and she decided to leave her brother.

The mom of three lives in an incomplete mud house and the father of her kids doesn’t support them.

Domitilia’s first and second children are suffering from different conditions. She said it has been five years now since she heard from her brother, who wants nothing to do with their kids.

Domitila has begged well-wishers to help her build a new house for her family and take her kids to school.

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