List Of Top Five Best High Schools In Nyanza Region

1. Maseno School

It is a national boys boarding school located along Kisumu-Busia road. The school is one of the oldest schools in the country. It has been the academic champion in the country producing top students nationally.

2. Maranda School

This academic giant is located in Siaya county. Since the inception of the 8.4.4 it has been producing impressive results.

3. Kisii School

The institution is found in Kisii county along the Kisii-Kilgoris road. In 2015 it topped the whole of Nyanza and Western region. Professor Sam Ongeri and education C’s Fred Matiangi are alumni of the school.

4. Asumbi Girls High School

Asumbi is girls boarding school located in Rangwe constituency in Homa Bay county.

5. Nyabururu High School

The girl’s school is located in Kitutu Chache constituency in Kisii county. It is the second national school in Kisii county after Kisii School. The law provides that there must be two national schools in every county.

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