Cartoon Comedian Beaten By Goons Days After Saying That Diana Bahati is Not Talented

Content creator and influencer Cartoon Comedian has expressed displeasure in the act of being attacked and beaten by goons, days after throwing shade at rapper Diana Marua aka Diana B.

In a video, Cartoon said that its high time artistes stop being petty and violent when told that they are not talented.

The revelation come days after the comedian shared photos with a swollen face, with claims that she had been attacked and beaten for saying the truth.

The alleged attack on Cartoon Comedian come days after she indirectly made fun of Diana B, over her latest release ‘Mubaba’.

On November, 29 2021, Marua joined the music industry as a rapper. She announced that she would now go by the stage name “Diana B” stating that her fans have known her as Diana Bahati and she wanted to keep things simple.

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