SAD!Late Daniel Moi’s Grandson Now Sleeping In The Streets~He was Evicted From His House

Collins Toroitich told the High Court sitting in Nairobi on Monday that he was kicked out of his house last Friday over Ksh240,000 rent arrears that have accumulated over a period of six months.

The court heard that Toroitich now lives in the streets because he has no money to provide for himself or his family.

The 45-year-old made the submissions in the case where he has accused his stepmother, Sylvia Moi, of disinheriting him.

Toroitich accuses his step-mother and half-brother Clint Kiprono of failing to provide for him despite being a dependent and a biological son of Jonathan.

The former rally driver whose wealth is estimated to be worth more than Sh70 billion died without a will.

The complainant is seeking to have the court nullify the grant of letters of administration obtained by his stepmother and Kiprono allowing them to manage the estate left behind by his late father.

“The deceased’s first house, where Collins comes from, is not being provided for and is not among the administrators. He was evicted from his house on Friday and is now on the streets. It is saddening, considering the nature of the estate,” Toroitich’s lawyer Duncan Okatch told Judge Aggrey Muchelule.

Through his legal team, Toroitich wants the court to add him as a co-administrator of the estate to represent his house and the dispute on asset management to be referred to mediation.

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