Jalang’os Last Day On Radio Marked With Emotions from Fans and Friends~Kamene Would’nt Control Her Tears

Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o has resigned from the Radio Africa owned Kiss FM.

Jalas who has been hosting the Morning Kiss show alongside Kamene Goro for the last two years finally called it quits on Wednesday morning.

The radio host cum emcee thanked those who have impacted his life during his time at the radio station, specially CEO Patrick Quarcoo.

“Today I mark the end of this amazing place. I want to say a few things to the boss and CEO of Radio Africa for always being a friend and opening doors for me even when things look really dark on my side,” he said.

Jalas also thanked Radio Africa’s MD, Martin Khafafa, for always providing him with a listening ear.

During their two years working together, Jalas also praised his co-host for being a wonderfully inspirational person.

“Big shout-out to you (Kamene) that when they thought this would not work. It became the biggest morning show. We rose to the occasion. We have had our own fights and our good times but the past two years have been growing and inspiring each other and making sure that we leave each other better than we found each other,” said the comedian.

“As I begin my new chapter to go and try my hand in politics. I really feel that after being told for a very long time that the young people your time is coming we are not young anymore.

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