Hudah Monroe’s Confession Of Her Undying Love For The Late Billionare Chris Kirubi Catches Many by Surprise

It is no doubt that socialite Huddah Monroe had the biggest crush on the late billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi.

Well it is now apparent that that love is so powerful that even death cannot take it out.

Taking to her Insta Stories the businesswoman revealed that watching video footages of the late tycoon was refreshing and that she would always love him.

In 2019, Huddah disclosed that she had always wanted to marry Kirubi.

While reacting to one of Kirubi’s many nuggets of wisdom to the youth, she poured her heart out to a man whose bed she longed to warm.

“That’s why I always wanted to marry C.K. Such a great man. Someone we should all emulate as a businessman.”

She continued to say”He bought shares at the right places and got lucky. And what pained me the most is the Chris Kirubi issue. I am ashamed to be Kenyan.”

“Nairobi is a sea full of sharks waiting for you to shake a little. So they can finish you. Kick you when you are down. Mshindwe na Mlegee.”She wrote

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