Several Cars Burnt At Mai Mahiu After Trailer Carrying Cylinder Gases Exploded

A section of the busy Nairobi-Maimahiu road was cordoned off on Sunday afternoon after a trailer transporting gas cylinders exploded.

According to witness reports, the trailer got into an accident at around 6am, but during the efforts to remove it from the Mutarakwa section of the road on Sunday afternoon, it exploded into a huge ball of fire and smoke.

Onlookers stood at a safe distance as the trailer smoldered, reducing everything in its vicinity to soot and ashes, according to several videos shared online.

Four private cars were among those reduced to to ashes by the huge fire, although the exact number of those injured during the fire remains to be established.

According to witnesses, police officers from the Mutarakwa Police station were alerted to the incident and quickly moved motorists to safety as efforts to tow the trailer began.


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