Pemwani Girls School Protest Over The Death Of Their Colleague

Students from Pemwai Girls High School assembled at the Kabarnet stadium seeking answers from the eduction county director following the death of one of their colleagues allegedly as a result of negligence by the school administration.

According to preliminary reports, the deceased,a form two student, is said to have complained of nose bleeding, chest pains and despite seeking medical attention, she was allegedly neglected only for her to later be taken to the school dispensary for observation by the school nurse.

She is said to have died on Sunday morning.

According to the students, the deputy principal Clara Chepchieng has been harassing them and despite similar cases being reported in the past, where learners fall sick, little has been done to assist them.

The students are said to have walked out of the school in the early hours of Monday morning, walking several kilometers in order to seek an audience with the county education director.

“What I know is that there is a student that died, i don’t know much at this point in time, we will have to go to the school and conduct our investigations,” said an education official.

“The death of the student was just a trigger of what these learners have been going through and no one has addressed them. Ian sure education officials know what learners go through…these learners walked at night despite safety concerns to raise these issues,” Dorothy Jebet,parent.

“From what leaners are telling us this is negligence…we are sending our parents to school thinking their are safe yet our girls do not feel safe. We want a counseling department in this school so that their issues can be addressed,” Elizabeth Kipsang, parent.

They were later escorted to the Kabarnet stadium by police in a bid to address their concerns.

On Sunday meanwhile students from Sabor (Mixed) Secondary School also walked out of school protesting lack of basic resources such as water in the school.

Investigations into the incident is ongoing.

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