Videos and Memes Of Men’s Conference Held At Mzee Kibor’s Home Lit The internet

The conference normally takes place on 14th Feb, the love month and during valentine’s day.

According to attendees, the main aim of the conference is to avoid women’s responsibility mostly financial obligations and unplanned outings.

A majority of men who are invited to the meeting are those who have proven to be ”no-nonsense” with their girlfriend (s) or wife (wives) and married men with many side chic.

To this effect, going by the memes and photos shared online, the meeting is convened by Mzee Jackson Kibor who rose to fame over his nature of polygamy, love for young wives and prone divorces.

Men who have proven women-like behaviors or being controlled by their girlfriends were forcefully ejected from the meeting.

According to the programme in our possession, men will be involved in activities such as chewing ”mgombero” (White’s ginger), Learning how to ignore wives’ noises, keeping men’s secrets and how to keep phone pins and passwords as secret as possible.

The three-day conference will culminate with HIV Testing.

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