Raila Finally Releases Much Awaited ‘Leo Ni Leo’ Campaign Remix

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)party leader Raila Odinga has finally launched his much anticipated campaign anthem, which is expected to hype his bid for the Presidency.

The hit song, which is a rendition of the now popular ‘Leo ni Leo’ by Benga composer, instrumentalist and singer Emmanuel Musindi, will be the theme song for Odinga’s rallies in the country.

In the video released at 11.00 am on Tuesday , Odinga is seen singing surrounded by band members who are dancing to the tune.

The ODM leader has always used songs to attract a huge following in his campaigns, the first being in 2002 when the UNBWOGABLE song dominated airwaves.

In 2017, Raila used the MAMBO YABADILIKA and has lately gone for Lucky Dube’s NO ONE CAN STOP REGGAE.

Odinga is currently outside the country in India but is expected back on Wednesday.

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