“Even Museveni Requested For One Term”~Ugandans Warn Kenyans about Ruto’s One Term Remarks

In Uganda, Ruto’s request for a single term in the 2022 General Election has ignited a debate after a popular investigative journalist in Kampala, Canary Mugume, compared the DP’s promise to one made by strongman Yoweri. 

Mugume noted that Ruto’s statement that he would be content with a single term reminded of Museveni’s claim that he would not overstay in power – only to stay on for over 35 years. 

“Hehe, reminds me of ‘The problem with African Presidents is overstaying in power,” he retorted. 

The comments elicited a viral debate as Ugandans expressed their opinions on the political situation in Kenya. Those who agreed with Mugume warned Kenyans to be careful with promises of one term – drawing the Ugandan experience. 

However, others differed with the journalist and noted that the situation in Kenya was marked differently because of the constitutionally entrenched term limits. 

Ruto, in his Monday speech, had expressed confidence in his first term as President should he be elected in the 2022 General Election. He alleged that the basis of his second tenure would be dependent on the performance of the first.

“I wanted to tell you that I am no longer interested in the ten years. I only need you to give me five years. If my work impresses you in the given years, you can add me another five years but if I fail, you have the liberty to elect another president,” Ruto stated. 

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