Man From Migori Drops His Political Ambition After Receiving Millions Of Money From Netizens For His Campaigns

Friends and family of Migori County Secretary, Christopher Rusana, came together and raised millions of shillings for the gubernatorial hopeful who has since shelved his dreams.

Reports revealed that despite receiving millions in donations during a fundraiser, the Migori County Secretary has dropped his gubernatorial bid.

When asked why he decided to quit the race, Rusana stated that he had made the personal decision but was open to consultations on political issues.

He added that he will not be returning the millions of shillings he received as donations since no one has asked for their contribution.

Notably, Rusana did not resign during the February 9 deadline when civil servants seeking elective positions were directed to vacate office.

The County Secretary is among the lucky few whose political ambitions were supported by residents and friends. That was not the case for a Nyeri-based journalist vying for a Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat and who held a fundraiser to boost his political bid only to raise Ksh500.

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