He Returned Ksh100,000 Despite Being broke,His Kids Were Home For Fees,Had no Fare To Travel Back~Story Of Stephen Waiganjo

On January 27, 2022, at around 10 am, Stephen Waiganjo received KSh 100,000 on his M-Pesa from NCBA Bank Nairobi Branch.

Given that he did not expect such an amount of money from anyone, he went about his business while waiting for the rightful owner to reach out and claim it.

The other expectation, as he revealed in an interview, was that Safaricom would initiate a reversal and redirect the money to the correct number, but that too did not happen.

On Thursday morning, the 40-year-old man from Shauri Yako village in Eldama Ravine town walked to NCBA Bank Nakuru Branch and explained the costly error.

After listening to him and understanding the issue, a transaction was authorized for reversal.

It emerged that the individual who initiated the cash transfer entered Waiganjo’s phone number into a payment schedule by mistake.

The management of the bank praised Waiganjo, who is a casual worker at the Eldama Ravine Sub-County Hospital, for his honesty and kindness.

Such errors occur due to a mixup with the digits where the one entering the details makes a mistake on one digit of the customer’s phone number.

According to Kenyan law, it is a criminal offence for an individual to use money sent to them erroneously.

When Stephen Waiganjo travelled from Eldama Ravine to Nakuru to return Ksh100,000 erroneously sent to him,two of his kids were at home for lack of fees.

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