“We Were Chased From Papa Shirandula’s Burial”~Jalang’o Recalls How Things Turned Nasty After The Death of Papa

Comedian and Lang’ata aspiring MP Jalas has paid tribute to a few legends of the industry.

Speaking during the Launch of Pride Ya Kenya, the comedian thanked the Late Papa Shirandula for giving him a brand name.

“Big shout-out to Papa Shirandula, who gave me the name ‘Jalang’o’. It was just a script and we were asked to pick a name and I chose Jalang’o, and Otoyo picked that.”

Jalang’o remembered the impact Papa played in his life and wished he had gotten a chance to say thank you to him.

“I thank him although I never got a chance to celebrate or even say bye to him,” he said.

“You people remember how Covid-19 had struck our country. He died on a Saturday and we went and rushed to Karen hospital but were not even allowed to see his body,” Jalang’o said.

“As we were planning to go the morgue to see him, we were told they had already left for burial in Busia. I was left wondering how well we would honour him. We rushed with my friends and got on a flight to Kisumu. It was 8am and Papa was already being buried.”

He emotionally remembered how badly he and other actors from Nairobi were chased from Papa’s home.

“We got to Busia and he was already been buried and it was over,” he said. Everybody from Nairobi was being chased and told they had come there with Covid, the only thing to do was leave.”

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