They Married aged 10 and 12yrs,91 years later they are still in love

A Jewish couple born in Yemen has inspired many people with their commitment to each other 91-years after they tied the knot.

Zechariah and Shama’a were both orphans and had to marry early as was the practice then. Their marriage was to prevent them from marrying outside their Jewish community.

In the year 1948, the couple had to relocate from Yemen, fleeing antisemitism persecution. They settled in the then newly founded state of Israel. They still live there to date.

Today, Zechariah and Shama’a have 11 children, 64 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“Remember, this is my first and last woman that I married. And I never threw her out.”Zachariah said.

On her part, Shama’a said:

“We didn’t lick honey in life. There was no worse suffering that we had experienced. There is none. We had no house. We cleaned the donkey’s barn and lived in it.”

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