He Was Taken To Court By Esther Passaris For Breaking His Promise of Marrying Her~Story Of Billionare Pius Ngugi

Pius Ngugi is one of Kenya’s wealthiest businessmen whose net worth is in billions. From car companies to coffee mills, his businesses have employed thousand of Kenyans both directly and indirectly.

In 1972, Pius Ngugi ventured into the macadamia nuts business. He began a plantation of these nuts and coffee. Being the most expensive nuts in the world, the billionaire anticipated he would make a tidy sum from the initial crop.

This was, however, not the case. There was no market for their unprocessed nuts. The government was unable to buy them. Instead of seeing an insurmountable wall, Ngugi approached the government to help him build a processing company.

In 1974, the government in partnership with Japanese investors helped him set up a small processing company.

The company grew tremendously and soon he was not only producing macadamias but also other nuts like cashews. They began exporting the processed nuts under the brand name ‘Out of Africa.’

With the success of the nuts company, the entrepreneur has diversified into other industries including real estate, dairy farming, sweets production and a motor vehicle company known as Amazon Motors.

He is also the man behind Leleshwa wine. He owns acres of land in Naivasha where he grows grapes and manufactures them to get wine.

Pius Ngugi married his first wife Josephine Wambui Ngugi while he was in his twenties. They have four children: Angeline, Louise, Mbugua and Mika.

In 2003 Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris dragged the businessman to court over allegations that he had breached a promise to marry her in 1995.

The tycoon also has a daughter with Lynette Lucy Buddery. 7 years ago, The Standard reported she had sued him for sh800k monthly upkeep for their daughter’s needs.

In turn, he responded through lawyers that he had built Lynette rental apartments expected to net her more than sh150k monthly

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