Russia planes Banned From Flying to UK after Putin Invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s Aeroflot (AFLT.MM) was banned from flying to the United Kingdom on Thursday after President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the ban in parliament and the UK Civil Aviation Authority said it had suspended Aeroflot’s foreign carrier permit.

“This means that Aeroflot will not be permitted to operate flights to the United Kingdom until further notice,” the UK Civil Aviation Authority said.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he had signed restrictions prohibiting all scheduled Russian airlines from entering British airspace.

Russia’s invasion of its neighbor in Ukraine is the largest conventional military attack that’s been seen since World War II, a senior US defense official said Thursday outlining US observations of the unfolding conflict.

“We haven’t seen a conventional move like this, nation-state to nation-state, since World War II, certainly nothing on this size and scope and scale,” the official told reporters Thursday. “And if it unfolds the way that hereto we have come to believe that it will, it has every potential to be very bloody, very costly and very impactful on European security writ large, perhaps for a long, long time to come.”

The US had been issuing stark warnings for weeks that Russian President Vladimir Putin would launch an attack on Ukraine on a scale not seen in decades. The US and its European allies are set to unveil sanctions on Russia Thursday in response to Moscow’s aggression, though US President Joe Biden has made clear US troops deploying to NATO counties in eastern Europe will not be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine, which is not a member of NATO.

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