Video;TB Joshua Predicted the War{Russia and Ukraine} and The Fall of Putin

A video that captured the moment the late TB Joshua predicted the present crises between Russia and Ukraine has been shared online.

The famed Nigerian cleric who until his death last year was noted for making correct prophecies was heard saying a great crisis would emanate in a few years’ time revolving around Russia.

The message was transmitted live via his religious television station Emmanuel TV.

“Great war is coming against them (Russia). I don’t know where the war is coming from. So pray for them because their leader will face greater opposition and the opposition will be so much that it may exclude sin. And that will turn the nation to another thing“.

The Lagos-based Joshua, born June 12, 1963, died on Saturday of an undisclosed illness.

Joshua was a controversial self-acclaimed prophet. Many had called for him to be held accountable after the collapse of his church, Synagogue of All Nations, when more than hundreds died. In July 2015, a coroner’s inquest found the collapse was a result of negligence. Some of the families accepted cash payments in compensation while others lodged lawsuits.

Most recently had his YouTube account shut down after he claimed to “cure” gay congregants of their homosexuality during one of his sermons.

TB Joshua attended an Anglican primary school. After school, his father and mother took him to live at the house of an Anglican Priest which was at the back of the school.

Growing up he used to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation every 2 months.

Growing up TB Joshua lived well until his father died when he was still at the St Andrews Anglican primary school. After his father’s death, the family started to struggle financially. TB Joshua was then given to his uncle (his mother’s brother) who was a strict Muslim.

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