Delivery Man ‘Disappears’ with Customer’s Food and Employer’s Motorcycle on First Day of Work .

A manhunt has been launched for a delivery man who took off with his boss’ motorcycle and a customer’s food on his first day of work.

A Nigerian businesswoman with the handle @somaofada narrated on Twitter that the delivery man had picked up a customer’s delivery by 9:30 am but ended up not taking the meal to the client’s location.

While she was trying to make out what was happening, a friend who employed the man called to inform her that he had ‘disappeared’ with her motorcycle.

According to the lady, it happened to be his first day of work. The runaway delivery man also disabled the bike’s tracker, making it difficult for them to ascertain its exact location.

In a subsequent update, the businesswoman tweeted that the motorcycle has been found. She stated that he turned it to personal use after removing the delivery box.

The lady however lamented that they were unable to apprehend him. The incident happened in Abuja.

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