Each Samosa Goes For Ksh1050~Meet a Kenyan Making Millions Through Selling Samosas in Dubai

When you complain that Samosa vendors within the country charge an average of 50 shillings per samosa, wait till you meet a Kenyan samosa vendor who resides in Dubai and sells a single samosa for 1050 shillings each.

The conversation on Chito and Cyd started when Cyd said that samosas in Kenya are becoming too expensive after purchasing a piece for 50 shillings only.

Such effects are brought about by the differences of a first and third world countries, and in this case, Dubai and Kenya respectively.

Dubai, being a developed city in the UAE, you’ll definitely experience a high cost of living compared to a third world country, like Kenya, which experiences a low cost of living creating a huge difference on the amount citizens pay for goods or service.

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