Kenyans to Pay Atleast ksh100 inorder To Use Expressway

The government has gazetted price charges for using the Nairobi Expressway once the project is open for public use.

According to the Gazette notice, each driver on the Nairobi Expressway will be required to pay a fee of between Sh310 and Sh100 to use the new road. The charges will depend on the distance travelled.

Transport CS James Macharia announced that the drivers will pay Sh310 from Mlolongo to James Gichuru and Sh260 from Jame Gichuru to JKIA and vice versa.

Motorists travelling from the James Gichuru and Westlands to Southern Bypass will part with Sh210.

Those travelling from Westlands to Capital Center will pay Sh160 while those from Southern Bypass and Capital Center will part with Sh100.

From SGR to Eastern Bypass will be Sh100 and Sh260 from Westlands to JKIA and vice versa.

Two-wheeled motor vehicles will not be allowed to use the expressway.

Here is the breakdown:

James Gichuru to JKIA and Eastern bypass —260

James Gichuru to Southern bypass —–210

James Gichuru to Capital Centre and Haile Selassie Av —-160

James Gichuru to Museum Hill —–100

Westlands to JKIA —-260

Westlands to Easter Bypass —-210

Westlands to Southern Bypass and Capital Centre —-160

Westlands to Museum Hill and Haile Selassie —–100

Museum Hill to JKIA and Eastern Bypass — 210

Museum Hill to Southern Bypass —–160

Museum Hill to Capital Centre and Haile Selassie —-100

Haile Selassie to JKIA—–210

Haile Selassie to Eastern Bypass —–160

Haile Selassie to Southern Bypass —–100

Haile Selassie to Capital Centre —–100

Haile Selassie to Museum Hill —–100

Haile Selassie to Westlands —-100

Haile Selassie to James Gichuru —160

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