Ukrainian politician’s wife nabbed with Ksh3.1Billion cash in Hungary

A Ukrainian politician’s wife has been caught in Hungary by authorities with $28 million and €1.3 million in cash stashed in suitcases, according to Ukrainian media outlets.  

The husband of the woman is former Ukrainian Member of Parliament Igor Kotvitsky. The 52-year-old politician was once one of the wealthiest MPs of the country.  

A photograph of six suitcases, which were full of cash, has also been shared.  

The authorities have also registered a criminal case against Kotvitska for failing to declare the large sum of money, the reports said.  

Kotvitsky said his wife had left the country to give birth and denied reports that she was carrying huge amount of money, as per The Times report.  

Before closing social media account, Kotvitsky said, “All my money is in Ukrainian banks, I did not take anything out.”   

Kotvitska did not declare cash when she left Ukraine at the Vilok border crossing but the money was found at the entry in Hungary, Obozrevatel newspaper reported. She then declared that she brought the money into Hungary.   

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