Meet a Pastor Selling his Kidney for Ksh5Million to Save His School From Auction

A pastor is selling his Kidney after running out of options to save his school, Children of Africa Hope Mission, from the auctioneer’s hammer.

Makokha, 54,said that the school owes the money to an Agricultural finance institution which handed them the Kajiado land to put up the institution.

The institution was established to serve vulnerable children in Dagoretti slums in Nairobi in 2009 on leased property. It was later transferred to Kajiado where a well-wisher helped build classes on the land. He also secured a loan of Ksh5 million for the land.

“I am selling the kidney for Ksh5 million. If I get a market, whether, in Kenya or India, I will appreciate it. 

He further noted that the institution gave them a grace period of three months, ending this March, to repay the loan before it instructs its auctioneers to swing into action.

The construction of the school, which caters for children from humble backgrounds, ended two months ago.

“We look for people who can support the vulnerable students but those who are able can pay their school fees to help in running the school. We have one well-wisher who constructed the school. We have an Agricultural finance institution that gave us the land.

“They gave us three months and they are ending this month. After 30 days, they will give instructions to the auctioneers to start the process,” he added.

“Currently, in the account, I can say the school has a balance of almost zero. The school raises funds from wellwishers by making appeals.

“In a term, of salaries and food, we normally spend close to half a million. Most pupils are not able to raise the money and school runs in arrears,” he revealed.

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