Tension as Russia warns of universal nuclear war if West defends Ukraine

Moscow’s tightly-controlled state TV has issued a chilling nuclear threat to the West should NATO wade into the bout by sending peacekeepers into Ukraine, saying World War III may just be lurking around the corner.

Barring any resolution of the alliance leaders at the G-7 summit afoot in Brussels, the Kremlin issues stern warning against deploying any troops into Ukraine on the pretext of maintaining peace.

These frightening pitfalls unfold four weeks into Russia’s invasion, as Putin’s forces continue to bombard countless Ukrainian cities with air raids, whilst Kyiv’s resistance holds fast.

A TV presenter Vyacheslav Nikonov claimed that Russian truck drivers stuck on the border had spotted “an accumulation of American and Polish troops”.

“As for me, Poland strives not just to fulfil a peacekeeping mission, but to stake out the territories which they consider belonging to them historically,” Russian television host and political commentator, Olga Vladimirovna Skabeyeva noted.

“They should understand that this will represent a direct clash between the armed forces of Russia and NATO, and how this collision will end is probably not worth explaining… this is called World War Three,” she added.

Despite threats of ratcheting up the warfare, Russia’s invasion continues to stall and stutter in the face of logistical and morale issues and huge Ukrainian resistance, albeit early reports suggested that the Kremlin intended to take Ukraine in a ‘lightning invasion’ lasting days.

Russia’s threats were echoed on other Kremlin-controlled shows. On Channel 1, Colonel Yury Knutov repeated the same claims.

He said, “If there are any sane people left in NATO, they will not approve [a peacekeeping] operation [in Ukraine]. Why? Because [a collective] NATO decision will mean a de facto declaration of war on Russia… this would be a casus belli – meaning war between Russia and NATO. To win this war, whether we like it or not, we will have to use tactical nuclear weapons in the theatre of operations”.

”This will then entail the use of powerful strategic nuclear weapons… which means universal nuclear war,” he inferred.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia would only use nuclear weapons in the event of an “existential threat”, but also warned deploying Western peacekeepers to Ukraine would be “very rash and extremely dangerous”.

He said, “A special military operation is underway, and any possible contact between our military personnel and NATO military personnel could lead to quite understandable consequences that would be difficult to put right.”

Russia’s state TV mouthpiece also warned the same outcome would come about if Poland acted independently, and not under the NATO umbrella.

Throughout its unsuccessful invasion of Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly made threats towards the West about intervention.

On top of the invasion not going as planned, Western media reports suggest that Russia had been begging China for military equipment and financial support to help it get around sanctions since it all began on February 24.

China, along with India, is one of the few powers yet to denounce Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine.

The butcher of Chechnya, veteran Colonel-General of the Russian Armed Forces, Vladimir Shamanov, told Channel 1 that Putin should secure Ukraine’s Western border with Poland.

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