How To Check If Your ID Number Has Been Used In SIM Card Registration Illegally

Kenya, one of the most technologically advanced nations in Africa, has been christened the Silicon Savannah, with an impressive mobile penetration of 119.9% as of 2020.

The increased mobile phone connectivity, despite it’s upsides, has also left millions of users vulnerable to data breaches and privacy issues.

Criminal cases in which sim cards have been taken over by criminals, bank accounts cleaned and people impersonated are commonplace.

To protect you from the vulnerability of your identification details being used to commit crime, mobile service providers including Safaricom and Airtel have provided a solution for you to confirm phone numbers registered using your ID.

You can access it through *106#. This USSD menu allows you to:

1. Check your numbers alongside the credentials used to register it.

2. Report unknown numbers associated with your ID.

3. Cancel any reported numbers.

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