Raila’s Supporters Will Vote For Him but He Will Never Win~Moses Kuria Says

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria now claims that Raila’s supporters have grown skeptical, unenthusiastic and unconvinced. The Chama Cha Kazi party leader stated that the ODM leader’s supporters will vote for him but they are unsure if he will trounce his main competitor, Deputy President William Ruto, in the forthcoming August polls.

In a post on his social media platforms, the controversial lawmaker opined that the opposition chief’s supporters, who are synonymous with their fanatism and passion, are now fatigued, having backed him numerously for the top job.

“There is something I have realized about the crowds in Azimio rallies. They are unenthusiastic. They are unconvinced. They are skeptical. 4 times they have been told Giniwasekao and they are now fatigued. Yes, they will vote for Baba but they know he will not win,” Kuria posted.

Kuria’s remarks came against the backdrop of a series of Azimio rallies in the Western region. Raila and a contingency of leaders allied to his Azimio coalition camped in the Western region to drum up support for his fifth stab at the presidency.

During the whistle-stop rallies, the veteran politician welcomed four legislators to his orange party. The lawmakers, mostly drawn from Mudavadi’s ANC party, officially decamped from political parties that sponsored them to parliament in favour of Raila’s outfit. Butere MP Tindi Mwale, Lurambi MP Titus Khamala and Matungu MP Nabulindo were among the leaders who joined ODM.

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