Chaos in church;pastor asks bachelors to line up for single ladies to select them as future husbands

Nigeria:There was near pandemonium in a church located somewhere in Nigeria when a pastor decided to abandon his core mandate of preaching the gospel and become a matchmaker.

The unnamed cleric reportedly asked some of the single men in his congregation to line up horizontally in front of the entire church after which he asked ladies in the same category to troop out and select their choice.

You can imagine the scene that was created as a result as women sprouted out like mushrooms and besieged the front line to choose their future husbands.

The phenomenon has sparked an interesting debate online.

Meanwhile,A married man who seems heartbroken over the attitude of his wife has shared a video where the woman in question scaled a wall to go and have a good time with her boyfriend.

The man who is fed up with her wife’s infidelity lamented bitterly as he shared the footage on social media about his wife’s persistence in doing all she can to leave the house to satisfy her urge.

In the video shared by the frustrated married man, the woman helps herself climb onto the wall with a ladder. She proceeds to lift the ladder to the other side of the wall.

Woman jumping over a wall

She practically tried to descend the ladder to the other side of the wall. With the security wires impeding her smooth manoeuvre, she fell to the opposite side of the wall with a huge band.

Speaking in traditional IGBO dialect, the distraught man complained about his wife’s sneaky attitude which resulted in her bold decision to scale the wall to go see her suitors in town.

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