“I Didn’t Believe Seeing My Hand on The Ground”~Story of a Man Whose Hands Were Axed by Bandits

Amodu Bakare,is a 70 years old vigilante with the Vigilante Group of Nigeria.He is also a farmer,he grows crops on subsistence level.

The day he was attacked,he was riding on a motorcycle on his way back to where he works as a vigilante when he saw two Fulani men at Oyan river. They parked their motorcycle there and he just moved on because they did not stop him or ask for anything.

After passing the river,he saw that they started their motorcycle and started coming behind him. They were speeding and he saw that the speed was high so he gave way for them to pass but instead of overtaking him, they slowed down and started attacking him with an axe and cutlass.He hung his locally-made gun on my shoulder.  Before he could jump off the motorcycle one of my hand had already been chopped off. He saw it on the ground. It was like a dream.

The two of them continue to cut him with their cutlass and axe when they saw that he wanted to remove the gun with the other hand. They removed the gun from him and fled. The other hand was almost cut off; just a piece  of flesh was suspending if from also falling off.He screamed but there was no help and nobody was coming.

He trekked about three kilometres before he got to the village but this hospital should be about 25 kilometres from the point where he was attacked,

“I went there and begged them to save my life. I told them that armed robbers attacked me on the road. Those villagers went and reported to the vigilante people in the town and those ones came and met me where I was lying down helplessly and took me to Gbedu ( Ibudo Musa). From there there, they used a vehicle to bring me to the clinic at Iwere Ile.”he narrated.

His people later went back to the place and combed everywhere but they did not find the hand.

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