Kenya to Receive Ksh450Million From UK in Offshore Accounts For Powerful individuals

The Kenyan government will receive Ksh450 million confiscated in offshore accounts in Jersey Island as part of a money-laundering scheme.

This comes following an Asset Recovery Agreement (ARA) between the Kenyan and British governments signed on Monday, March 28. 

Jersey’s Attorney General, Mark Temple, affirmed that the funds would be used to combat the pandemic in the country. 

“Corruption is not a victimless crime. It has both direct and indirect consequences for people living in countries where corrupt practices have taken place,” stated Temple. 

The Jersey AG added that the agreement was a testament to the lengths their government will take in order to fight graft and dispense justice. 

“The signing of this agreement today shows that Jersey does not tolerate financial crime and that our officers will confiscate monies associated with corruption and ensure that such funds are returned for the benefit of the people who have suffered from the effects of corruption,” Temple noted. 

The Ksh450 million was seized in 2016 following the conviction of a Jersey-based company, which was suspected to be part of a money-laundering scheme. 

This is after two powerful individuals from Kenya were linked to the company. The duo is currently awaiting trial. The AG in the past noted that they would ensure that those culpable would face the force of the law. 

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