Traffic Cop Who Forcefully Gained Entry Into A Vehicle To Face Disciplinary Action

Traffic Cop Who Forcefully Gained Entry Into A Vehicle Through It’s Window Faces Disciplinary Action

The National Police Service has instituted disciplinary measures against a traffic officer who forced himself into a car through a window.

In a dramatic incident captured live by Citizen TV crew who were on the beat in Nairobi’s central business district, the officer forcefully gained access into to the vehicle before ejecting the driver who took flight.

What initially appeared to be an argument between the driver and the traffic cop, degenerated into an ugly scene as the cop took one step back, removed his cap and shoved his left foot through the co-driver’s window gaining entry to the vehicle, with little regard to the passenger occupying the passenger seat.

A brief altercation then followed before the beleaguered driver was ejected and the cop commandeered the vehicle with the remaining occupant totally bemused.

The incident that occurred at Kenyatta avenue has attracted online condemnation with netizens calling out the officer for behaving in a distasteful manner and portraying the entire police service in bad light.

The National Police Service has in a communication released this evening condemned the incident, identified the errant officer and instituted immediate disciplinary action against him.

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