“Don’t be Controlled like a Robot”~a Bold Kenyan Tells off Raila Odinga in an Interview

An ordinary Kenyan has become an overnight sensation after he shared his view of Raila Odinga and the ruling by the Supreme Court on BBI

A civilian, Albert Ouma, has become the subject of multiple discussions online after he offered his breakdown of the March 31, 2022 judgement on an appeal on the BBI referendum bill, as delivered by Supreme Court judges.

Mr Ouma, appearing on NTV, articulated his assessment of the apex court’s decision in a way that left many thinking he was an unsung expert on the controversial subject.

“I thank the judges for upholding the integrity of the citizens of Kenya, and we wish that the issue of BBI will not arise again in this country,” the outspoken internet sensation declared.

He went on to take issue, in specific, with the BBI Bill proposal which had sought to increase the number of government positions.

“Somebody creating more offices and Kenyans supporting for more offices to be created by the political elite… and they were proposals of ati we do regional balancing… these are failures and the president has really failed this nation,” Ouma stated.

Sentiments which have been raised by various other Kenyans who commented about the BBI initiative.

Declaring that he is a staunch supporter of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga, Mr Ouma opined that the former Prime Minister had been ill-advised to initiate and support the bill.

Ouma went on to warn the Azimio La Umoja presidential flagbearer that some of his supporters were disappointed with him over the BBI project.

“Raila must go back to the drawing board, he must come back to his senses and go back to the Raila we used to know, not this Raila who is being controlled like a robot,” the Mombasa resident stated.

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