Ghana;Mobile money agents{M-PESA} to shut down their operations over E-Levy Imposed on Them by the Government

In the aftermath of the contentious Electronic Transfer Levy (E-levy) bill which has now been passed into law, the Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana says most of its members will shut down their operations.

This new development was divulged to Citi News by General Secretary for the association, Evans Otumfourin a recent interview.

He stated that said most of their customers will stop patronizing their services which will affect the business greatly

“We may be tempted to withdraw our services because the service already is not all that lucrative.”

A lot of our people will definitely be out of business… when the policy was announced, there was a sharp decline or drop in the use of mobile money.”

Recall that parliament on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, passed the Electronic Transfer Levy in the absence of the Minority MPs, who had walked out before the Bill was considered at the second reading stage.

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