Kenya named in top 6 Africa’s Highest number of Facebook users

Kenya’s name has emerged in the top 6 Africa’s Highest number of Facebook users, comfortably perching at number 6 on the list.

The statistics was released by Africa Facts Zone.

See the full list below;

1.Egypt (47.840 million)
2.Nigeria (28.711 million)
3.South Africa (25.470 million)
4.Algeria (24.010 million)
5.Morocco (20.604 million)
6.Kenya (11.105 million)

Meanwhile,a Nigerian doctor has taken to social media to reveal why it’s not advisable to spend over ten minutes in the loo.

Identified as Dr. Olufunmilayo, the medical practitioner said one sitting on the toilet for a long period of time is likely to contract hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles.

Essentially he said phone addict should not take their phones to the toilet wherein they answer WhatsApp messages and do all sorts of things with the phone while using the toilet at the same time.

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