“We are Dating One Man!”~Triplet Sisters Confess

Identical triplet sisters have revealed they are now dating the same man after falling in love with him on different occasions.

Speaking in an interview with Jalas, the three; Cate, Eve and Mary say bonding with their man was not difficult since they are incredibly close sisters and have been sharing staff since their young age.

Cate spotted the said man first and shared the news with the rest who also fell in love.

They are also hoping to marry the man in future.

“I saw him and told Mary about it before Eve also learnt about him and fell for him. We are planning to marry him and he is ready for it as well,” one of the sisters (Cate) said.

According to the sisters, he meets them personally on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively before a joint dinner date on Friday.

While this may come as a shock to many, triplets doing everything together is increasingly appearing more like a norm in this era.

In most households with multiple births, they are often raised sharing everything from a younger age to a point where choosing to share a husband doesn’t become a hard choice for them.

The identical trio is also pursuing a career in gospel music.

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