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“Don’t Display Signs Of Weath While in Kenya!”~US Embassy Warns Its Citizens

US Embassy in Nairobi has issued a security alert to its citizens residing in Kenya ahead of the party nominations and the August 9 General Election.

The Embassy informed its citizens to be on the lookout as the country gears up to the polls and heightened campaign periods.

According to the advisory dated April 12, the US Embassy raised fears over the likelihood of demonstrations that may follow the party primaries in some parts of the country.

“Election-related demonstrations may occur, possibly blocking key intersections and resulting in widespread traffic jams. Violence associated with demonstrations may also occur, ranging from rock throwing to police using force. Strikes and other protest activity related to economic conditions occur regularly,” the alert read in part.

The Embassy has since detailed a number of precautionary measures to be observed by its citizens during the period. US citizens have been warned not to display signs of wealth such as wearing expensive jewelry or watches.

They have also been advised to keep a low profile, be vigilant when visiting banks or ATMs and monitor local media for daily updates.

Other precautionary measures include avoiding crowds, avoiding demonstrations, being aware of their surroundings, reviewing their personal security plans, and having their travel documents updated and easily accessible.

“Carry proper identification, including a US passport with a current Kenyan visa,” the US Embassy explained issuing emergency contacts to its citizens residing in Kenya.

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