Uproar Online as Harmonize’s New Video Hits 1.2M Views In Just 24 Seconds

Tanzanian artist Harmonize is under fire after a music video he recently posted received 1.2 million views in less than 24 seconds.

The song ‘Mdomo,’ which debuted on Tuesday, displayed an unusual increase in view numbers.

This elicited mixed reactions from social media users, who accused Harmonize of employing view bots, which are automated programs that automatically add views to videos.

Critics bemoaned the contrasting statistics, claiming that the video received fewer comments and that the viewership remained static after several hours.

A user commented: “Iko ninja amekalia computer amefanya ile kitu.”

“Views ni mingi na comments tatu…aje!!!” said another one.

“And still at 1.3 million views 5 hours later.”

Harmonize, on the other hand, responded to critics by saying that he achieved the numbers through hard work and resilience, and that he is proud of his accomplishment.

“Lol, Dem never value hardworking, they never appreciate your talent. Skiza wanangu huko mtaani tell dem this is our time, kelele tushazizoea la muhimu zaidi ni history imeandikwa,” he wrote on his instagram.

Similarly, his spokesman Mwijaku stated that the artist is popular and would easily attract similar views even if he posted insignificant content.

“Kama kuweka robot ni rahisi na nyinyi basi wekeni. Huyu ni msanii mkubwa hata akisema ajikune kwapa lake na aweke YouTube atapata viewers zaidi ya millions kwa dakika” said the defensive Mwijaku.

The video currently sits at 1.6million views.

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