Africa Is Better Than America~Steve Harvey Advices Africans Who Want to Move to US

World-renowned American comedian, Steve Harvey, has spoken in a recent interview where he responded to questions about his experience back in Ghana, which brought out some interesting revelations.

In a snippet of the video that is making rounds on social media, Steve is heard discouraging young Africans from abandoning their homeland to move outside for greener pastures.

According to him, America is not what most young Africans perceive it to be because people like him wish they would live in places like Ghana where they’ll feel safe forever.

“All the young Africans want to come to America. But what I’ll tell them is ‘Are you sure you want to be in this?’. It’s not what you think it is. You’ll never hear in Ghana that police have shot anyone after pulling them over. We should rather come home. Not the other way round,” he said.

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