Calling a President a Drunkard Lands a Kenyan ambassador To S.Sudan in Trouble

The Kenyan Ambassador to South Sudan, Samuel Nandwa, has been summoned by the host country over remarks made on KTN News by political analyst Peter Biar Ajak.

According to reports, South Sudan handed a protest letter to Amb Nandwa after Ajak accused the Juba Head of State of being an alcoholic. The interview, which was conducted in April after the passing away of retired President, Mwai Kibaki, caused a diplomatic tiff between Juba and Nairobi.

Ajak alleged that President Salva Kiir was not able to address mourners when he paid his last respects to the late Kibaki because he was ‘too drunk’. During the state funeral service held at Kasarani Stadium, President Kiir’s speech was read by a member of his cabinet.

Ajak alleged that Kiir could not address mourners due to a “hangover” he was nursing from the previous night.

He went on to claim that the President of South Sudan was a heavy drinker and on some occasions, his drinking became a problem in the execution of State functions.

However, Juba stated the South Sudan President was unable to address the gathering due to a throat issue and he entrusted his Cabinet Minister, Martin Ellia Lomoro, to read his speech.

South Sudan Information Minister, Michael Makuei Lueth, castigated the remarks by Ajak. He warned South Sudanese journalists to refrain from talking against foreign governments, adding that it could spoil diplomatic relations.

“Don’t allow others to use you to insult [others] or to talk or to write against any foreign government because this automatically affects the diplomatic relations between the countries, so I am warning you against that,” Makuei stated.

South Sudan media is reporting that senior government officials in the country want the Kenyan government to stop allowing their platforms to be used by the opposition to offend its President.

“The government has summoned the Ambassador here and gave him our protest. Our Ambassador in Kenya has also been directed and has presented a protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kenya,” Makuei told the press.

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