Villagers to get Ksh10 million each to pave way for university expansion

Residents of Mutomo village will now be paid Sh10 million each to give way for the expansion of Mama Ngina University in Gatundu, Kiambu county.

This is after the National Land Commission (NLC) struck a deal with the residents on the long running negotiations for the land. Each of land owner will be compensated with Sh10.1 million for a 100 by 100 plot against their wish of Sh16 million. According to NLC records the highest land owner will get Sh35m.

After a back and forth negotiations since September last year, 189 gazzetted land owners appended their signature to approve payment of the compensation scheme. NLC project team leader Doricah Buyaki said that the commission had gone through the inquiries stage and proceeded to award locals.

“We have settled on a Sh10.1m per piece of land, development rates are per individual and an addition 15 per cent disturbance allowance,” she said.

According to Mutomo Residents Association chairman Harun Gacheru, once compensation is done the residents have between 15 to 30 days to vacate from their premises.

“We had a final meeting on Monday with NLC officials one of the main issues we discussed was that upon payment, the land owners should vacate their premises within 15 days and leave the structures intact including cow sheds, houses, trees and another structure since the government will have compensated for everything”, he added.

He said the university is not a property of President Uhuru Kenyatta family, but the use of Mama Ngina name is to honour her as former First Lady of Kenya. But the move to vacate the land within 30 days was opposed by a section of residents. Peninah Wangari said that it appears the relief is short lived as the time line given to vacate the premises was a bit unreasonable.

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“We are requesting for about three months, we have school-going children and we had just paid fees, also we need to find suitable land and time to construct houses”, she added.

Peter Kanairu another resident said he was pleased that finally the award was given. “it was a relief for me and my family, rumours of being relocated to Lamu and Laikipia had worried us, we are happy that the Government has kept its word,” he added.

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