Nipe Nachelewa!Man Interrupts Gachagua’s Speech and Demands His Ksh1000 ‘Debt’

Photos have emerged of Rigathi Gachagua’s old friend who interrupted his speech today at his brother’s funeral and demanded Ksh1000 ‘debt’.

The man walked direct to Gachagua,demanded the money and without hesitation,he was handed the one thousand note.

Then Gachagua clarified that the man is his old friend who both agreed that any time they meet Gachagua should give him Ksh1,000.

This caught the mourners by surprise forcing the newly appointed Kenya Kwanza running mate to acknowledge that he knew the ‘intruder’ to allay fears.

“Anasema nimpange mapema kuna mahali anaenda. Ni rafiki yangu anaitwa Muchangi…tuliagana na yeye 18 years ago that kila tukionanana nampa Sh1,000. Sasa ameniambia amengoja kutoka 10:00 a.m. na kuna mahali anataka kwenda na ameshindwa kungojea

“(He is my friend Muchangi, 18 years ago we agreed that every time we meet I’d give him Sh1,000. He was letting me know that he has been waiting since 10:00 a.m. and because he has somewhere else to go, he had to speak to me before he left),” Rigathi made light of the incident.

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua eulogised his brother James Gachagua as the head of their family after being appointed by their late father.

Speaking during his brother’s burial on Tuesday, May 17 in Nyeri County, Gachagua said the deceased had managed to unite the family in the absence of their patriarch.

The MP, who was recently picked as the running mate to Deputy President William Ruto, said his late brother pushed him to join politics.

When Nderitu Gachagua declared he was going to vie for the Nyeri Governor post in 2013, James on the other hand tried his luck in the Mathira parliamentary seat.

Unfortunately, Only one of the two brothers was elected; Nderitu became the first governor of Nyeri.

The late governor would later succumb to cancer months before the 2017 General Elections.

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