Heartbreaking:Man with no place to sleep begs police officers to lock him up

A heartbreaking video shows a man who had no place to sleep begging police officers profusely to throw him into their cells and fabricate whatever charge pleases them against him.

Alex Omondi told the officers that his house had been locked up by his landlord, so he was homeless.

According to him, although he had not committed any crime, he thought it prudent to approach the law enforcement agency for help because the “police motto is Service to All”.

“I don’t have a place to sleep. My house has been closed by the landlord. So, I am here because the police motto is Service to All,” Omondi is heard pleading passionately to the police in a local dialect.

The poor man was so desperate that he told the police officers that they could decide whether to release him the following morning or take him to court for whatever charges they preferred.

When told that the police cells were meant only for criminals and not innocent people like him, he further begged the officers to help him either fabricate a charge against him or suggest a crime for him to commit, just so that he would be arrested and detained.

“Or is there a flag hoisted somewhere that I can lower so that you find something to arrest me for?” Omondi asked the officers.

Realising that the officers wouldn’t throw him, into the cells, the helpless man requested an empty desk to sit on.

What the video did not show is how the police officers eventually helped Omondi.

His situation has touched the hearts of many Kenyans on social media, some of whom have been calling for help for the needy man.

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