Uganda is Not Your Father’s Shoes or Cows!:Bobi Wine Lectures President Museveni’s Son

You’re entitled to M7’s shoes, cows and even his hat, Uganda is not your father’s property – Bobi Wine

Ugandan musician-cum-politician Robert Kyagulanyi stage name Bobi Wine has opted to square it out with President Yoweri Museveni’s son Lieutenant General Muhoozi Kainerugaba over the succession of his father.

The war of words started when Kainerugaba put up a cartoon drawing insinuating that they were fighting over who is suitable to replace president Museveni when he leaves office.

“Me and my young brother Kabobi arguing over who can fill my father’s shoes! Thanks the best artist in Uganda…Kintu! 🤣 😂,” general Muhoozi Kainerugaba captioned the cartoon photo.

However, in a quick rejoinder Bobi Wine hit back at General Muhoozi – reminding him that Uganda as a country is not part of his father’s properties.

Bobi also cautioned Muhoozi to refrain from addressing him as ‘brother’ with a strong affirmation that he is not competing for his father’s shoes.

“I am not your brother and I’m not competing for your father’s shoes. You’re entitled to M7’s shoes, cows and even his hat. One mistake you make is to think that Uganda is one of your father’s properties for you to inherit,” Bobi Wine warned.

In January, 2021, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was declared winner of the presidential race, a move that saw his main competitor Bobi move to court.

The Electoral Commission said Museveni had won the election with 5,851,037 (58.64%) votes, while Bobi was second with 3,475,298, which is 34.83% of the total votes.

In his acceptance speech, Museveni warned that he will not allow anyone to disrupt peace in Uganda

“Any attempt at disruption will be decisively defeated. I have been monitoring through intelligence the plans of some people. If anyone dares to disrupt our peace, we will deal with him or her decisively”

“Foreign media houses need to stay out of our affairs. Uganda does not interfere with their politics. They were saying that, with the youth support, Bobi Wine is likely to win. But, I got over 5 million votes and he got 3 million,” said Museveni.

After the election, Bobi was placed under house arrested until January 26th, 2021, when the Ugandan government withdrew its military and Police from Wine’s premises following an order from the Ugandan High Court.

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