41-Year-Old Man Born Without Jaw Finds Love, Marries Cute Lady, Their Stunning Story Goes Viral

Joseph Williams a man born with a rare disorder that left him bullied has finally found love.

Joseph claims to have been rescued by love after decades of feeling “worthless” after being bullied his entire life since he was born without a jaw.

Now he wants to encourage others in similar situations that they, too, deserve more from life.

The 41-year-old Chicago man was born with otofacial syndrome, a rare congenital disease caused by a defective gene that prevented him from using his mouth to communicate or eat.

Instead, he uses sign language to communicate. He eats through a special tube in his stomach.

He said dating was so hard for him as he had low self-esteem and felt worthless, but when he started believing in himself and that he deserved more that’s when he found his wife.

Growing up, Williams said people close to him tried to shield him from the world but he did not want that to hold him back.

While eating through a special tube in his stomach, Williams learned to communicate using sign language, gestures, his phone, and handwritten notes.

His birth mother was “surprised” because he was born without a jaw. When he was just a few days old, he was sent to Chicago for various maxillofacial surgery.

Williams now pledges that his physical limitations will not keep him from living life to the fullest with Vania, and his aspirations include pursuing his passion for drumming and sharing music.

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