Christian woman spotted in church with AK47 following terrorists attack

Following the dastardly attack by unknown gunmen at a church in Ondo which left scores of people dead, some Christians in the town have taken precautionary measures to forestall any similar occurrence in the future.

In light of this, a woman has been spotted wielding a gun during church service to protect herself hinged on the precedent.

In the photo gaining prominence online, the woman dressed in an all-white attire is seen with the gun strapped to her body.

Weeks ago, a group of men suspected to be terrorists killed an unknown number of church worshippers in Ondo state, south-west Nigeria.

The armed men entered St Francis Catholic church in the town of Owo and fired at the congregation during a service to mark the holiday of Pentecost, witnesses said.

A doctor at a local hospital, quoted by the Reuters news agency, said that at least 50 bodies had been taken to two hospitals in the town.

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